Evening Variations

Evening Variations
Major Work
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A set of theme and variations, the composer used Evening by Bramwell Coles as its main idea to create an interesting set of smaller variations in which the melody returns either in parts or as a whole. This tune is one of his long-time favourites and the idea to write a ‘theme and variation’ setting had been in his mind for a long time.

Every variation is a mini masterpiece in itself and requires full attention and musical skills from the band. The piece is divided into the following movements: 

  • Theme – Evening 
  • Variation I – Fantasie 
  • Variation II – Elegy 
  • Variation III – Scherzo 
  • Variation IV – Partita 
  • Finale 

The title of the original song, Evening, comes from its first verse where the words are: 

Hushed was the evening hymn, the temple courts were dark, the lamp was burning dim before the sacred ark; When suddenly a voice divine rang through the silence of the shrine. 



Type Major Work