Rhapsody for Cornet and Band

Rhapsody for Cornet and Band
Cornet Solo
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Ritman wrote this challenging and imaginative score for the soloist, Steef Klepke and the Amsterdam Staff Band as a joint showcase for their musical talents.

After a brief introduction, the rhapsody unfolds into three main sections of contrasting tempos: Fast—Slow—Fast. The reflective middle features Stanley Ditmer’s song I’m in His hands (Chorus: “I’m in His hands, I’m in His hands, Whate’er the future hold I’m in His hands; The days I cannot see have all been planned for me His way is best, you see, I’m in His hands!”)

The outer sections feature primarily the old song Land beyond the blue: “We are marching home to glory, Marching up to mansions bright Where bright golden harps are playing, Where the saints are robed in white.”

The link between these songs, according to the composer, is the thought that during our ‘marching to glory’ we may know that we are indeed in Christ’s hands. Fragments of both songs are heard throughout the free-form piece that allows ample opportunity for soloist and band to express varied moods appropriate to the overall thrust of the work.



Type Cornet Solo

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