The Lord bless you and keep you

The Lord bless you and keep you
Song Arrangement
Composed by John Rutter

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Description and multimedia

I arranged Darren Bartlett’s song, ‘The Lord is gracious’ (STTL Vol. 11, part I), at the request of my friend and fellow Amsterdam Staff Bandsman, Kristiaan Riksten, and his wife, to be used on their wedding day. Ever since, I’ve used it with the North/East Divisional Youth Band of The Netherlands at the end of a concert and it has been used by the ASB in the same way. If played with intensity, it can have a great impact on the audience.

The piece speaks for itself and no special comments are needed. There’s only one chord that may need the conductor’s attention; beat 3 of the fourth bar of letter C. Make sure that the chord is well-balanced and has a warm, rich sound.



Type Song Arrangement