To Celebrate His birth

To Celebrate His birth
Christmas March

Published by Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd.
Index: Unity Series No. 275
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This march was written for the Apeldoorn Corps band, where my father is the corps Bandmaster. I later re-scored it for my own corps band at Ede Corps.

Be sure that there is a strong ff in the introduction, to make a contrast with the mf at letter A. Every syncopated rhythm in this march needs to be very clear, so give them a little accent. Make a strong crescendo in bar 7, and let bars 8 to 9 and 12 to 13 sound like bells. The diminuendo before B must be heard and ensure that there is a strong f at bar 18 – alla marcia!

The dynamics in the bars before C must be exaggerated. Keep letter C simple and play poco legato but do not lose the tempo. The upbeat to bar 39 must sound fanfare-like. Again, exaggerate the crescendo and diminuendo in bars 39 and 40. Keep the audience awake! Letter D should sound slightly misterioso. Give it a lot of energy and make sure that the semiquavers in the 1st Cornet and Euphonium are very precise. From bar 47 it needs to sound more giocoso.

Letter E needs a strong f and the Basses and Bass Drum need to give a little more in bars 53 to 54 and 57 to 58. This needs to sound very jolly. Letter F is a reprise of letter C, so make sure that it is played in the same style. Make a big crescendo before the end but do not let the Bb in the 1st Cornet and Euphonium sound harsh. The underneath parts must give a little more. Do not anticipate the last bar and give a strong accent on the last note.



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